3D design 'Jaroslav' from 27 Rubik's cubes


A few words from the author Dr. Hana M. Bizek

My name is Hana Bizek and I created these multi-cube 3-dimensional designs. This has probably never been done before, although people have constructed 2-dimensional, picture-like designs. Therefore I am very much inerested in your comments, suggestions, questions and whether you like or dislike these designs. An email from you will be gratefully appreciated. Alas, I cannot describe this rather complex method in detail here. For those who wish to pursue this subject further, there is a book they may consult. It was written in English by me, and the title is: "Mathematics of the Rubik's Cube Design." Both http://www.amazon.com and http://www.barnesandnoble.com have it in stock.